pheonix rising (zen_camel) wrote in quitsmokinghelp,
pheonix rising

day 5

it's been 5 days. i'm doing very well, considering i live with 4 other smokers. i made the decision that i was sick of my lungs hurting all the time. it really scared me to hear my lungs wheeze at a resting state.

i'm also a recovering addict/alcoholic. i am very involved in my recovery community & i'm using the tools i've learned from the 12 steps of a.a. to help with my cessation of smoking.

chewing on straws helps with the oral fixation. cinnamon discs were recommended to me to help with the physical craving. the burning of the cinnamon simulates the burn you'd feel from smoke.

i just take it one day at a time. :)
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