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So I gave in and took a puff of a cigg today. I have never felt so sick in my life, I almost threw up. I realized that one tiny puff really wasn't needed and I got rid of it immediatly. I had to stop using the patch though and that's why I think I gave in. The patch gave me a chemical burn and a rash, so i'm back to the Commit lozenges (actually CVS brand because I work there and get a bigger discount and they are identical) and doing really well with those. I hope everyone else is hanging in there!!!

BTW-For all your New Yorkers, anywhere in the state...The free patch program is still available..Call 311 and get your free patches. They start you at 21 mg's or 14 depending on your level and you get 28 days free!! They give you a list of support groups and if your county supplies free patches too (like mine, Nassau) they hook you up too. I urge everyone in NY who needs this extra boost of confidence to give it a try. And, for the other states around look for programs too! The money you save is really helpful.

And no, I don't work for 311, I just found it was really helpful and wanted to share.

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